Monday, July 17, 2006

Ooooh beanie weenie - ooh beanie weenie

(sung to the tune of "Push It" by Salt-n-Pepa)

Yesterday, Chris and I had a nice lazy afternoon sitting under our nice shady backyard tree reading books, trying to beat the heat while enjoying the outdoors. Afterwards, I was so relaxed...I didn't really even think about cooking. We were talking about take-out, and I jokingly began suggested combinations that could be made with pantry/freezer items. One of them was beanie weenie...and Chris took this idea very seriously.

I got a phone call and lingered outside on the phone after Chris went inside, and when I came in, this was what I found waiting for me:

Chris cooked! Any of you that know me know that this is a very rare occasion, and although he is actually quite able to bake an unbelievable herbed quorn roast and saute perfectly seasoned, crisp broccolini and asparagus with garlic (okay...maybe with just a touch of help) he would much rather nod to his roots of Lipton Noodles or the holy trinity of sausage, beans, and corn from his undergraduate days (when he lived with guys). When it came down to it, this was a really good dinner that we both enjoyed immensely with a nice icey cold wheat beer. Chris insisted that I post his "recipe" here:

Chris's "Push It" Beanie Weenie
1 can vegetarian baked beans
4 quorn hot dogs (this makes an "extra weenie" version)
leftover frozen vegetables

Open the can of baked beans and pour into a saucepan. Cook the hot dogs. Pour a concoction of leftover frozen vegetables into a saucepan with a little water, butter, salt and pepper. Cut the cooked hot dogs into bite-sized pieces and stir into the baked beans. Toast 2 slices of bread and put butter on them. Bon appetit!

Warning: If this is too good, you may find your spouse wearing boxer shorts in the kitchen after dinner, eating the extra beanie weenie straight from the saucepan with a big spoon, singing "oooh beanie weenie....oooh beanie weenie," as I did.



emily said...

i'm laughing like a retard, i just thought you should know. and seriously, i love me some beanie weenies. that's one of the greatest things about picnics in the summer, you get to eat things like beanie weenies without having to admit that you love them. i've outted myself, naturally, in this moment. but i applaud this effort! :)

Erin said...

I'm glad you found this as funny as I did :) I forgot to mention, like you and your stoganoff...this was my first time eating beanie weenie (can you believe I wasn't the biggest fan of hot dogs when I was a kid?)...

em (as in the other emily) said...

Oh my god. That's too funny. Now I'm going to have the beanie weanie song in my head allllll day.

mary said...

oh god, i love chris and he makes me laugh. tell him i want his house specialty next time i see him!