Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Fab Night @ The Strokes

Emily, Mandy and I just returned from our evening in Muncie, Indiana at the Strokes concert - I don't think ANYONE knew why it was in Muncie...especially considering the small auditorium was about halfway full...but, whatever - we had so much fun rocking that halfway full house down. We arrived in Muncie, had some delicious pineapple tofu fried rice and pad woon sen at a place called Thai Smile (I had to mention it considering this is a food blog), then kicked it at "The Bird" for a few quick drinks before heading to the show. Our tickets were great...but we found even better seats right in the middle, 16 or 17 rows back. Yeah, the pictures aren't so great - it's a bummer that I didn't get better shots... oh yeah - except for that one of us and FABBY!!! Holy crap!You should be jealous. Not only was he super sweaty (in the cute i-just-played-in-a-rock-show-way), but he was super nice (and apologizing for the sweat). Way cute, Fabrizio Moretti, way cute.


Mandy said...

I love Fabrizio! He was super cool and I think he could be my friend. :) I had so much fun. Thanks for the great evening, ladies!

Vicki said...

looks like a super fun night! i love the song "Last Night" & i hear The Strokes began the popular wave in band names -- "The" bands. you know, "The" Hives, "The" Vines, and more recently, "The" Killers. how cool that you got to see them, and get a photo with Fabrizio, wow! he's really cute. i'm also drooling over the quinoa & 3 bean chili. :o)