Tuesday, December 12, 2006

the recipe that saved my ass...

Me: Finally taking a moment to relax, pretending to be done with finals, getting into some knitting and sipping on a nice big glass of red wine, joyfully watching the Enron movie
Francis (cat): Kind of bored, playing with a bug that she found, waaay to close to my wine glass (which I have precariously placed on the carpeted floor next to me, naturally)
Me: hmmmm.....I'll just move that wine gl-
Wine Glass: spppppllllllaaaaaaasssssshhhhhHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (ALL OVER - totally my fault, by the way....Francis is innocent)

So, yeah, I started flipping out just a little bit in my brain...it seems like only yesterday when we steam cleaned the carpet from the last red wine spill...and hmmm....we don't have any more stain remover left, and hmmm......this carpet is seriously only 3 years old?.....and hmmmm.....won't that just make Chris's day when he comes home at 1 am to this? So, I took every towel out of the linen closet, and while blotting, quickly looked for home remedies online (thank god for the internet, by the way). I tried everything that was suggested that I had in-house. I poured a quarter of a bottle of white wine on it to "neutralize" it, then some tonic water (only thing I had with bubbles), then I had to hit the grocery store for regular stain fighting stuff plus ingredients for this very magical-looking concoction that I found on the stain-fighting sites. All I know is, the wine and tonic water maybe helped a little, but it's the
$.97 bottle of hydrogen peroxide that I want to marry. I now have an unopened $5 bottle of double-chambered-oxy-high-powered-
ridiculousness for what? Here is the recipe that will save your life:

1 c. hydrogen peroxide
1 t. (or a little more if you don't believe a t. will work, like me) of Dawn

Mix, and pour the magic all over that stain. You talk nice to the stain. You give it your best sexy eyes. You watch it bubble up and foam just a little for you (I think it giggled at me), then you coax the stain, with nothing but an old tattered bath towel and your barest of feet. I did that like 3 times. Now, I bet Chris wouldn't be able to pick out where the 2 1/2 foot wide stain was. It's magic, people. I believe.


Mary said...

that is exactly how it went down too, i was on the phone with erin for the entire wine-spilling event. she really did talk nice to the wine, but if you know her at all then you never doubted that she talked to her stained carpet!

em said...

I can also attest the veracity of this claim. I saw the carpet in question several days later, and it was indeed, stain free.

Miss you girl, Woof Woof.

Mandy said...

Is this a sign that you may be updating your blog soon? It's blue now.

Erin said...

Yes, indeed, Miss Mandy...I will be beginning a summer of posts soon...I am shamefully gearing up for the reincarnation of the blog.